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Barbeque Nation Limited Unlisted Shares Trader, Dealer & Broker

Now, the time to invest in your future security and keeping you saving on work and generating revenues for you. For that purpose, you can choose one of the finest sources of investment which is unlisted shares or also known as unlisted securities. As the financial market transforming its phase with time, the huge number of unlisted companies are come forward to sell their company’s unlisted shares and also the step is profitable and now it becomes the market trend that investors are choosing small company and vendors for their capital investment. If you are also planning to do so, then we have one of the finest choices for you Barbeque Nation Limited Unlisted Shares. The company is offering its company’s unlisted shares at good prices and also it is a good chance to invest in a good growing company.

Buy & Sell Barbeque Nation Unlisted Shares

The company is serving food services in the market, according to the technopak report the Barbeque Nation Limited company is running the leading casual dining restaurant chain in India. The very first Barbeque restaurant launched in 2005, by Sayaji Hotels, who are the promoters of the restaurant. And then the Sayaji hotels owned 5 Barbeque nation restaurant which transferred it the brand in the year 2012.

Then, they have grown fast, and owned and launched from a single Barbeque Nation restaurant in Fiscal 2007 to 81 new Barbeque Nation restaurants in 42 cities of India and also they have owned one restaurant of same franchise in Dubai as of 30 June 2017. The company works on the concept over the table barbeque and it becomes too much famous within the few years. This much gradual growth of the company makes it a big brand and also known by everyone. You can choose to invest in the Barbeque Nation unlisted shares now and also it is the right time to become the shareholder of the franchise as they are growing very fast

Unlisted Shares Price & Other Details

FV Is 5 Rs Per Share

Barbeque Nation Unlisted Shares Price : 700 Rs

ISIN: INE382M01027

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Financial Status Of 3 Years Of Barbeque Nation

Year Revenue EBITDA OPM NPM EPS Finance cost PAT
2015 3.,040.96 474.98 16% 4% 5.07 84.44 134.88
2016 4,030.51 489 12% 1% 2.21 97.19 58.87
2017 5,034.85 668.88 13% 2% 3.8 143.99 102.41

Here we have shared few parameters of the Barbeque Nation unlisted share which helps you to analyze the growth and also help to you to choose the unlisted shares of this company.

The Barbeque Nation unlisted shares is the right choice if you are looking for the good unlisted share selling company for your investment. You can also analyze the company’s current market value from the current Barbeque Nation unlisted shares price and also this is increasing soon. You can also take the suggestions from the professional advisors to make sure that this is the right choice for investment or not for your satisfaction.

Stay safe, choose wisely and generate good revenues in future

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