It was a privilege to see a new band of Indian Advisors in the likes of Sanjay with a unique approach and consistent hardwork in this field for well over a decade , A True champion in every sense !

Mr. Tony Wilkey
Chief Executive Officer, Asias Prudential Corporation

Sanjay has had outstanding contribution in the field of financial services attaining MDRT a staggering 12 times in a row and achieving unprecedented heights here at ICICI Prudential . A true stallion in the field of financial services.

Mr. Sandeep Bakshi
Chief Executive Officer, ICICI PRUDENTIAL

Sanjay has had outstanding contribution in the fields of life insurance and mutual funds with each band of clients he has had forging a special relationship with him. His humbleness and charming attitude has had all of us enchanted at all times !

Mr. Leopuri
Managing Director(MD), UTI

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